Dear Friend of Software Science,†

As Software Science turns 25 years-old, we look forward to another challenge-filled, productive year of getting positive results for our clients and customers.

Our goal this year is to expand the company. Our programming staff has hands-on experience with all of the latest programming technologies: .NET, C#, msXML and AJAX on top of the many years of experience in software architecture, object oriented programming, firmware, hardware, circuit design and production. We are fully prepared to take on new jobs and projects with the advantage of cutting-edge programming methods and tools while maintaining and standing by our existing software.†

If you or your company is looking for custom software development, website development and hosting, electronic commerce or shopping cart hosting, or software project management, we look forward to listening to you and discussing how Software Science can give you the results you want, effectively and efficiently. †

Over the years we have created a mature package of feature-rich online management tools that we share with our customers. Working on a project with Software Science means you can specify and control the workflow, priorities, milestones and delivery dates and can monitor progress as it occurs. In addition, our online secure and searchable repository provides the go-to place for all the documents that pertain to your project. A special online chat utility provides real-time communication with programmers and managers for instances where one-on-one communication is preferable. Of course, you are always welcome to telephone me to discuss any work-in-progress issue.

Our company is built on a 25-year reputation of solid professionalism and dedication to the job and to the customer. Contact us to see how we can get the next job done for you. Perhaps you know a friend or associate in need of software resultsówe would be delighted to be placed in touch with them.†

Sincerely,†Dr. George Rothbart
Director of Research & Development
Software Science Inc
415 479 7286 ®


Why should we start doing business with some "Johnny-Come-Lately"? Software Science has been successful for 25 years!